The History


Here at Dead Canary, we are proud to say we are a skate company that is 100% made in the U.S.A. and for that there is no compromise! We are a company by skaters for skaters and produce only, high quality goods for everyone.

As far as the name, we were inspired by the American coal mine worker of the late 1800’s and early 19th Century and their clothing. To be specific, the rugged American made denim and details. As you already may or may not know, the reason denim was created was for these coal mine workers.

Prior to denim, the only pants available were made of cotton twill, similar to a pair of common work pants. Naturally these were not sufficient and did not hold up to the rough and rugged conditions within the mine. So, the textile and clothing industry realized they needed to come up with a solution and they created denim.

Furthermore, when you dig a mine natural gases are emitted from the earth, some of which can be harmful, even deadly. With that being said, they needed a way to monitor these deadly gases, as such, every time a team of coal miners entered the mine, they carried a little canary in a cage along with them. This canary acted as their monitor. While digging, the miners made sure to keep an eye on this canary and if it died, they knew the conditions were toxic and they only had a short time before they were next…

And then, the name Dead Canary was brought to life!